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There are a lot of thing that you can do to drive traffic to your website but the easiest way to get a bunch of traffic is making your blog comment dofollow. But what if you use free blog service like blogger?
Could we make it dofollow? The answer is yes.

It is very easy to make our blogspot blog dofollow. No high web coding skill is needed, it is very easy like one two three.

First, sign in to your blogspot, then go to layout page. Click edit html, you will see the code of your website.
On the right top of the code you will see Expand Widget Templates, check it. See the picture bellow.

After checking the Expand Widget Templates, than press ctrl + f, finder will comes up and type "nofollow" on it. Change all the nofollow in your blogspot code to dofollow than save your template. All links include links from comment on your blog will be dofollow.

If there is any other solution, please leave a comment. FYI: This blog is now dofollow, even the page rank still 0. But 0 is better than no page rank at all. I'll update my blog periodicly to increase my page rank. It is good for me and for you right?

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